B`orze digital video colposcope are lighted binocular healthcare medical products specifically designed for hospitals and labs. Using 20000 model digital video colposcope, doctors can directly observe the vaginal area in less time, and easily diagnose conjugation such as uterine cancer, tumors, vaginal erosions and swelling. These medical equipments can simply provide a magnified view of images.

Today, we have a new model (20000) of digital video colposcope enjoy high demand in the healthcare industry. With a huge number of video colposcopes being made in the marketplace, the medical equipments suppliers of these medical equipments are also enhancing in number. So it is very vital to find a credible healthcare products supplier like “B`orze” who can provide quality products. Video colposcopes of B`orze Inc are proven to deliver high performance.

For a satisfying online shopping experience of medical equipments, B`orze Inc offers 1 year of warranty for the healthcare digital products they sell and provide better installation, repair and support services.

   Features of DVC 20000 HD Video Colposcope System are as Follow

SONY high definition CMOS Imaging Module
Imaging System from Original SONY
Resolution > 1000 Lines
Digital Matrix Processor Technology
Three modes of Electronic Green Filter
Morphological Filtering
Automatic Screening, Diagnosis & Reporting
Zooming: 1-42x
16:9 widescreen display
E-Flip and Mirror Image
Automatic Focus and Manual Focus
Corner to Corner Uniform Brightness
Fast advanced fully Automatic Focussing
Real time Display of Magnification & Timer for acetic acid and iodine test
Ultra Bright White LED Cold Light
Recommended Lamp Life 25000 Hours
Minimum Illumination 0.2 Lux
HD Signal Output
Who we are ?
B`ORZE India is  the highest Selling company for Video Colposcope. We are providing digital video colposcopes online since many years in all over the world including countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, Arab, Australia, China, German, Brazil etc.

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For any query regarding any product or for buying our products, feel free to email us at info@borzeindia.com, we will let you know about whatever you want to know about our product or support service.